Harvest update

30th September 2016

Harvest update

The Harvest is now behind us and the farm staff are now taking the opportunity during warm sunny autumnal days to sow winter wheat for next harvest ….  there is no let up and the cycle starts again!  

Longford had a successful harvest once the combine started rolling opening with the Oil Seed Rape on 29 July.  The Lexion 770 our single machine did not stop for three and a half weeks.  During that period our staff worked tirelessly taking advantage of settled conditions to efficiently harvest all of the Winter Wheat and the majority of the Spring Barley.  (half of the farm cereals crops are now Spring sown.)  All that remained was Linseed, Poppies and under sown Barley.  

Due to a dull cool June where the ears did not ripen clearly had an impact on yield (reduction on 2015) however protein levels were high and we were delighted to receive the news that the Wheat made the Milling grade and the Barley the Malting grade.  

With a weaker pound prices rose marginally but held firm due to reports of high world stocks.


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