Recirculation & Biofilter

17th April 2020

Recirculation & Biofilter

Having been successful in our grant application for a recirculation and biofilter system for our hatchery we are delighted to be able to start using it.  The system allows us to use water more efficiently than before as we use the same water several times, through the raceways were we are growing the fry (young rainbow trout), the water is then cleaned, filtered and discharged as clean water into the river system.  The increased flow rates that we are able to achieve by recirculating the water enables the fish to grow faster and increases the feed conversion ratio which is positive environmentally, economically and in terms of use of resources.  

The new system is able to support approximately one million fry between 5g and 40g in weight, without the technology involved in this system we would need more than double the amount of raceways and three times as much water to produce the same quantity of fish.  This system for fry production is the only one in the country and embraces the need for sustainability which is increasingly important in all forms of food production.

Here is a video of the system in action.Video of Recirc System

Fry in raceways



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