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The Wiltshire Avon is famous for its mixed and varied fishing. Here at Longford we are the riparian owner of approximately 13 miles of double bank fishing. From the wide deep pools of the Avon to the River Ebble, a delightful wild brown trout chalk stream. We have fishing available for all angling requirements and abilities.

Our fulltime river keeper is sympathetic, balancing habitat, conservation management and enhancement of the fishery to safeguard our pristine waters for all to enjoy.

We have limited membership for Game and Coarse anglers, should you be interested in viewing the river as a potential member please contact fishing@longford.org.uk.

Please find attached a link to Longford Lines our news letter for members of the Longford Syndicate.

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Game Shooting and Conservation

Throughout the UK Game shooting is responsible for the creation of woodland, hedgerow, wild bird crops, voluntary set aside as well as field margins and beetle banks. Here at Longford we are no different. Our shoot is supported by our farming activities and is run on a non-commercial basis with and emphasis on dedicated countryside management. Our gamekeeper is responsible for the protection of wild grey partridge, pheasant and wild fowl as well a supportive rearing programme whereby the highest standards of welfare is achieved.