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National Gallery

Longford Castle can be visited by those who have an interest in an important art collection which has been formed by successive generations of the family.

The Castle has an association with the National Gallery who are delighted to support the Longford Estate in measures taken to preserve major works of art in the settings created for them. 

Castle Tours Are available via National Gallery website, where you may purchase tickets. Please click on the link below.

National Gallery Schedule 2020 .

We also accommodate groups of approximately 20 people on Special Interest Tours (Please note: these have all been allocated for 2020).  Should you wish to apply for a special interest tour the next available opportunity is 1st February 2021.  We are unable to take any bookings prior to this date.  Demand is always high and dates are limited so please email on 1st February using the following email address:  sitours@longford.org.uk