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Trafalgar Smokehouse

Trafalgar did not stop at producing wholesome fresh traceable and sustainable fish as well as importing sea and coastal products from around the world, so it was only natural that we embarked on creating a smokehouse which now forms part of our core business offering the finest smoked-products for you to enjoy. Trafalgar smokehouse was developed five years ago a short distance from our fish farm on the fringe of the River Avon south of Salisbury.  

Modern kilns using old traditional smoking methods create a taste second to none coupled with a product that has amazing health benefits.  

Salmon and trout are smoked over sustainable oak chips at a constant temperature, matured to make sure the optimum smoking time is achieved. Once the smoking cycle is complete salmon and trout sides are cooled, packaged and dispatched the same day. As demand has grown our in-house curers started to experiment with natural flavours and spices to give our customers a greater range of mouth watering versatile products to be enjoyed every day or on that special occasion.

From harvest to your door our fresh products come with our guarantee of satisfaction.

For further information visit www.trafalgarsmokehouse.com.