1300 hectares of combinable land is divided into crop blocks to facilitate a six year rotation.

What we grow

Stubble turnips and grazing rye or winter oats are grown for the cattle to graze during the winter months.

The combinable crops are grown with premium markets in mind, wheat is grown for milling be that for bread making or biscuits, barley is grown to produce a malt for the brewing industry.

Linseed has been grown in the past and oilseed rape continues to be grown, both are grown to produce oil.

Poppies were grown for the pharmaceutical sector.

Crop Management

Integrated crop management practices are a critical part of crop husbandry on the farm. These practices include;

  • Long crop rotations
  • Grazing livestock within the rotation
  • The introduction of organic manures
  • Balanced fertilisation applications
  • Precision cultivation techniques
  • Application of plant protection

Utilisation of GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) systems combined with on-board computers in our machinery allowed us to become more efficient in terms of inputs and time spent on the machines.

A reduction in overlaps, auto-shutoff equipment, variable rate applications of seed and fertiliser, performance monitors of specific machines and finally yield recording all fields on an individual basis, in essence an intricate approach to our field operations.

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