The landscape would be bland without woodland and Longford prides itself in actively managing its 2,200 acres of woodland.

Managing a
valuable resource

Our woodlands range from commercial evergreen plantations producing quality softwood, to mixed deciduous native trees, specifically Beech, Ash and Oak.

Cricket bat willow is grown on the fringes of the water meadows and supplied to Gray Nicholls to manufacture quality bats for current and future sportsmen.

Nothing is wasted; our poor grade timber is felled, dried and chipped for the biomas market.

Quality seasoned hardwood

A bi-product of Silvicultural management has been established in the form of Longford Logs – a hardwood logging business whereby orders are taken for quality seasoned hardwood for domestic use. This product is delivered to your door to keep the cold at bay over the long winter months.

Our Logs are two years seasoned hard wood and are air dried in stacks around the estate and cut to size for delivery.

Order Longford Logs online

Orders for log deliveries from September 2024 can now be placed.

In order to comply with the Government’s Ready to Burn scheme we will be seeking accreditation for our logs from this year.  To do this we have been forced to move some of the seasoning of our logs to internal stores and this has created an additional cost to the production of our logs.  This seasons logs are priced at £220 per load to reflect this.  We hope that you will find this still provides excellent value for money for high quality logs with a low carbon footprint.

Orders can be made online below with payment required in advance.  For multiple loads in one order please phone the office.

Please note that we only Deliver within a 10 mile Radius of the village of Nunton.

£220 per load 314 loads remaining
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