Nunton Development Sites

17th May 2016

Nunton Development Sites

Longford Estate is in the early stages of community engagement specifically to consider three varied development sites in Nunton.

The recent Parish Neighbourhood Survey considered that some sensitive development may be appropriate whereby 58% of respondents suggested less than 10% and 34% suggested a 10-20% increase.

The Estate wishes to work with the local community to realise a development that recognises the needs of residents in terms of infrastructure achieving the correct balance between open market and affordable dwellings, business use to include if possible, retail, office accommodation and incubator workshops.

To date an informational presentation was made to the Parish Council during 2015 and more recently and more formally at the Parish Council Annual General Meeting on 9 May 2016.  Alasdair Jones-Perrott representing the Estate was supported by Alison Whalley from Pegasus Planning and Michael Lyons whose local Architectural Practice had prepared a first draft of a proposal for each site.  (illustrative only)

The three sites in questions are illustrated below.  The characteristic of all of the sites is that they are all currently occupied by agricultural buildings and therefore has a “developed” feel.  The sites in brief would comprise the following:  

Nunton Farm ·        

  • A bespoke range of residential property 13-15 in number of a size to meet the needs of a community with an element of affordable housing. ·        
  • The possibility of a farm shop to serve the needs of the community.

 Nunton Farm

Elm Tree Farm ·        

  • Two family houses to blend in with neighbouring property.

Elm Tree Farm


Longford Farm ·        

  • The Estate would retain the properties and let on the open market a pair of semi-detached three bedroomed houses. ·        
  • Incubator workshops and offices would be developed in two distinct courtyards and a development of an office which is currently a redundant traditional agricultural building.  

Longford Farm


It is essential that there needs to be a community link between Longford and Nunton and therefore a permissive path over the River Ebble is proposed so that a country walk to local conveniences can be enjoyed without the need to use the A338.

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